A site as fascinating as the sport.

Fly-Fishing-Basics is about fly fishing, rods and reels, flys and of course fish. By creating this site we aim to help the newcomer to learn the ropes, as it were and significantly reduce the time it takes for him or her to become proficient at fly-fishing.

We intend to do this by by pin-pointing the most common problems facing the novice angler and provide him with a range of tips and techniques that will allow him to overcome them.

We know that fly fishing can be a real challenge to any angler -- novice or veteran and In this guide we intend to furnish you with the solutions to problems both simple and complex that the fly fishing enthusiast is likely to meet.

In the process we hope to capture the sheer beauty of fly-fishing, the satisfaction to be gained from simply having a rod in your hand and the joy of casting your fly under a green canopy of overhanging branches.

The benefits and joys of this sport are too numerous to mention but they await us all out there on the slow moving sun-dappled streams and river of the great outdoors.

Some problems have only one solution, others have many,you may have several choices from which to pick the tip or solution best suited to your fly fishing needs.

The fundamental information found at the beginning of this guide is followed by a series of more detailed insights into the complexities of angling for specific fish species, including advice on selecting and assembling the correct tackle for the species in question, and tips on the techniques and tricks which should be adopted in order to achieve success.

As with all sports a certain amount of luck helps, but luck can only take you so far,the key to being successful and getting the most out of your new hobby is knowledge. Knowledge that you can aquire from fly-fishing-basics.

Remember that before setting out for the water every novice angler should become familiar with the basic principles of fly-fishing.