Fly-fishing-bait. Don't throw that cheese away!

Fishermen use so many different types of fly-fishing-bait that it would be easier to list those that they don’t employ rather than those that they do.

Traditionally anglers used insects and small fish as bait, these ’natural’ baits were more readily accepted by the fish.

Nowadays there is a vast array of baits at the fisherman’s disposable, ranging from bread and cheese to the more exotic plastic and electronic lures.

There are also some baits that should not be used as they can introduce disease to the fish population. Trout and Salmon fall into this category as they can transmit Myxobolus cerebralis more commonly known as whirling disease.

You can obtain your bait in one of three ways. You can buy it from your local tackle shop, from a food-store or you can breed your own.

Artificial baits (i.e. non organic) must closely resemble and behave in a similar fashion to the fishes’ natural prey if they are to successfully lure the fish onto the hook.

Natural bait can be found by scouring the waterside for the fishes’ normal food. To ensure that the bait is as fresh as possible you should carry out your search immediately prior to fishing. Sourcing your bait in this way also guarantees that it will appeal to the fish.

Look for natural bait beneath piles of rotting vegetation, under fallen branches or tree stumps. A plentiful supply of beetles, woodlice and other juicy grubs will be found in such places. Caterpillars will also be found munching their way through fresh leaves and many other insects will be attracted to ripe berries growing near the water.

If you object to (and some people do) sticking a sharp hook through the soft flesh of a lobworm or maggot and then drowning it then you may wish to restrict yourself to baits that are not made of living matter i.e. bread, cheese, fruit artificial flies etc. They all catch big fish!

Remember! Fresh fly-fishing-bait is the best so don’t purchase maggots etc. too many days in advance of your fishing expedition.

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