Florida-fly-fishing in the Keys

The Florida Keys are situated in the Gulf of Mexico. They are a chain of of limestone and coral islands which stretch from Miami Beach to Logger Key. This part of the world offers some of the best saltwater fishing in the world. Why is the fishing so great? Basically, the Gulf Stream passes really close to these islands, and the Gulf Stream is where the big game fish, like sailfish and marlin, live. Inside the reef line you will find the feisty, and delicious, king fish. Of course, backcountry fishing in Florida Bay is also very popular for catches like trout and redfish.

Florida-fly-fishing: Where to Fish

There are a number of renowned fishing areas in the Keys: Key West, Marathon, Big Pine, the Everglades and Islamorada to name but a few. The whole area is geared to fishing and diving which is hardly surprising given the geography of the area and this ensures a warm welcome for any angler throughout the Keys. Islamorada is well known for bonefishing and sailfishing. There are many fishing tournaments held each year with these species as the target. Granted they are catch and release tournaments, but there are plenty of other fish to be caught on the reefs and wrecks that are suitable for dinner. The restaurants in Islamorada serve the freshest seafood and some will even cook your catch for a nominal fee.

The area also boasts a wide variety of accommodation from campsites to high-class hotels and lodges that should suit every pocket. For the first-time visitor there are also a number of fishing guides who are employed to give you, the visitor, the benefit of their local knowledge and experience. If you would like to get into fly-fishing, this is the place. You can find classes to learn casting, what fly to use, and even how to make your own flies.

You will see plenty of big bonefish, tarpon and snook in Florida's backcountry flats network. Other sea-species such as marlin, sailfin, shark and tuna can also be found in great numbers further out to sea. Saltwater-fly-fishing is a hugely popular sport in this part of the world, mostly the anglers are aiming to catch bonefish or tarpon.

Florida-Fly-Fishing for Big Fish

Large shoals of tarpon pass through the islands every year on their annual migration. The first tarpon usually 'put in an appearance' in February, March and April but it is only later in the year with the arrival of warmer weather usually from May until the middle of July that the really large shoals appear.

with the arrival of warmer weather If your interest is sharks then you will find several species that frequent the shallow inshore waters in this area. Until fairly recently fishermen ignored the sharks and pursued tarpon and bonefish but now more and more fishermen are targeting the sharks.

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