Essential gear & clothing.

When we use the term fly-fishing-accessory we are referring to those articles that DO NOT spring instantly to mind when fly-fishing is mentioned. This means that rods, reels and flies do not come under the heading accessory. They are regarded as 'fishing tackle'.

Articles that are considered accessories include all those gadgets and gizmos that are so popular with the modern-day fisherman. Plus the more traditional but non essential items such as korkers, dressing, floatants etc.

There are an amazing number of gadgets that come under the heading fly-fishing-accessory. Some you will be familiar with such as pre-soak flies, simulated baitfish and travel waders. Others will be new to you, e.g. Hemostats.

Another class of accessories is made up of everyday items that we don't readily associate with fly-fishing. For example if you do a lot of wading then you will know how tiring this can be especially if you are not in the first flush of youth. To help reduce muscle strain you can buy 'back braces'which you wear over your shirt but under your fishing vest. They will provide enough support to allow you to fish more comfortably. This group also includes such things as suncream, walkie talkies and digital cameras.

Of course every fly-fisherman will not need all the accessories on the market, his needs will depend on the type of fishing he is involved with. For example, if you like to go night-fishing then you will not need suncream but you will need a flashlight.

Naturally, the number of 'extras' that you take on your fly-fishing expeditions will vary with the type of fishing and your budget. It will also be affected by your attidude.

Some people adopt a D-I-Y approach to their fishing. They like to make their own flies, knee-pads and even first aid kits. Others like to buy everything ready prepared. Both approaches have their benefits but it is really up to you to decide.

No two people will make the same choices, the only certainty is that the number of gadgets and gizmos in your possession will grow exponentially over time. So which fly-fishing-accessory are you going to start with? A pair of nail-clippers (for cutting mono leader) or a CD case for your spare lines.

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