Fly-fishing-bait. Bread & Cheese



A popular fly-fishing-bait is bread-flake. Take a fresh unsliced loaf and using your fingers, remove a chunk of the soft white middle section. Then squeeze it around the hook. To maximise the chances of finding a hookhold when a fish bites, it is essential that the point of the hook protrudes and is not completely obscured by the bread.

The texture of the bread flake is also important. It should be stiff enough to stay on the hook when casting but not so stiff that it remains attached during the strike or retrieve.

Using the Crust

Remove a piece of crust which still has some of the white flake adhering to it, insert the hook through the crust so that the point protrudes from the flake side. Crust, rather like wood has a grain, when examined carefully you can see which way the grain runs. The hook must be inserted at ninety degrees to the grain otherwise the bait will fly off the hook when you cast. Squeeze the bread around the hook so that it is hidden from the fish.

If fishing for chub, bait, made from slightly stale bread is ideal. If the bread is too fresh then it will disintegrate when you push the hook through it.

Bread Paste

Making bread paste is as simple as it sounds. Simply add water to stale bread. It needs to be damp enough to mould with your fingers. Once you have achieved the correct consistency you can wrap it around the hook.


Bread cubes also make excellent fly-fishing-bait. From the end of a fresh white loaf cut a slice of bread approximately ΒΌ inch thick. A white sandwich loaf with an expanse of medium textured crust would be ideal for this. Lay it on a hard surface such as a wooden table or breadboard. Place a heavy weight on top and leave for two or three hours. Remove the weight and then cut the bread into cubes.


To produce your own pellets you will need a bread punch which you can buy from your loca tackle dealer. You should a freshly baked white loaf as your raw material.


Another inexpensive, easy to use fly-fishing-bait is cheese. The type of cheese isn’t important, the fish don’t seem to be very choosy when it comes to dairy products.

The easiest type of cheese to use is the soft, processed variety, it has a consistency similar to bread paste and can be easily moulded around the hook.

If you use solid cheese you will have to mix it with bread paste to make it more malleable.

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