Fly-fishing-bait. Sweetcorn and meat.


Sweetcorn can be used as fly-fishing-bait.You can buy it either tinned or frozen. It is an extremely good carp bait though, you don’t have to use it exclusively for carp. Tench, roach and barbel can also be caught using sweetcorn.

However, some fish will find the grains too large to manage. Therefore the smallest of fish will not be tempted by this bait.

If you do use sweetcorn as bait don’t, as some people do bring a can of sweetcorn to the riverbank. It is far better and much easier to remove the sweetcorn from it’s can and carry it to the river in a plastic container.


Chub, barbel and carp can all be caught using meat. The two most popular are luncheon meat and sausage meat. The former can be easily cut into small squares and placed on the hook with a little bread to help anchor it.

Many anglers have caught their biggest specimens of chub and barbel when using luncheon meat as bait. If you are confident that chub and barbel are present in the river you are fishing then use luncheon meat as your. It will be a great temptation to the fish. A temptation they may be unable to resist.

Bizarrely, the cheaper brands are quite often the best. This is because they contain more fat and milk product than the expensive ones which makes them more solid and less likely to slip off the hook. Brands which contain large lumps of meat and gristle are best avoided as these may impede the strike.

On a warm day, fatty luncheon meat becomes oily and is difficult to attach to the hook. To avoid this, expose the meat to the air until it becomes tough and leathery.

Sausage meat is another popular fly-fishing-bait especially amongst anglers pursuing barbel, though other species can be caught. It can be used raw or partly cooked and can be combined with bread to make a paste.