Fly-fishing-reel. Which one?

Originally the fly-fishing-reel had only one function and that was to act as a reservoir for the fishing-line. They were simple and cheap devices, necessary but easily replaced.

However, nowadays they are far more sophisticated and expensive, and this increased sophistication has meant that the level of maintenance required to ensure they operate reliably and over the long term has increased dramatically. How you take care of your reel is much more important than how much you pay for it.

One consequence of buying the most expensive reel in the shop is that it will come with more features than your ordinary bog standard reel but the more complex the design the greater the likelihood that things will go wrong.It still prove to be a worthwhile purchase but it will require more maintenance than the cheaper models.

There are many reels available so where do we start the selection process. I‘d suggest that size would be as good a place as any. A large reel may appeal but if you decide to use a small diameter light fishing-line with it then you will find that you require an excessive amount of line and backing to fill it.

So how much backing should you have on your reel? As a general guide 50yds should be sufficient. If you hook a fish and it takes off on a mazy run you may feel that this amount of backing is not enough, but as more line is paid out the chances of the hook tearing out of the fish's mouth increase so having a vast amount of line on the spool is unlikely to improve your chances of landing a fish.

Choose a well established popular make of reel. You need to be confident that when spares are needed they will still be available.

Your reel should accommodate the line you are going to use and sufficient backing. The reel will operate much better if the spool is full. A good general purpose line would be a No 7. So a fly-fishing-reel designed for a No 7 line would be ideal. The exact make and model of reel will probably be decided by how much you have to spend.

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